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Australia the land down under indeed has a lot to offer, for those who are looking to find a new way of life.
The continent of Australia is huge, and as you go from one state to another, one territory to another, you will note that you will find so much difference. You can choose between the most spectacular and breath taking beach towns, to desert landscapes and even modern cities that will wow you.

When it comes to job opportunities, schooling and infrastructure, Australia has become a land to reckon with, so you can be sure that you will experience a full lifestyle.

It is however important that you find out as much information as you can about the city in Australia that you wish to live in, and get in touch with the best guides and consultants to help you with all the formalities involved.

At Prime Life we aim to engage you with the best consultants in the market so that you experience absolute ease in the process of starting a brand new life in Australia.

  • Fact Sheet

    Pick and choose the city of your choice based on the opportunities that come your way, or simply choose a lifestyle that you wish to emulate and then look for opportunities in the city.

    A few reasons why Australia makes for the ideal place to live and work in are listed below:

    People in Australia work hard through the week, and relax over the weekend. The week is filled with ideas as to what they wish to do over the weekend. If you are the kind of person who is adventurous and can see yourself become one with the true laid back style of Australian living, then you should indeed find out more.

    Beach Fun
    There are more than 11,000 beaches to choose from, and when you have so much sea surrounding you, you cannot help but give in to the merriment.

    The population compared to the land mass of Australia is scarce. So, there is ample space in the country, which allows you to live a great life.

  • Facts and Figures

    Area 7,618,000 km²
    Population 22,843,149
    Capital Canberra
    Largest City Sydney
    Currency AUD$ - Australian Dollars
    Average annual temperature by city
    Hobart 12°c
    Canberra  12°c
    Melbourne  14°c
    Adelaide 16°c 
    Sydney 17°c
    Perth 18°c 
    Brisbane 20°c 
    Darwin  27°c 
    # of cities in Top 50 quality of life survey 
    Highest Ranked City  Sydney @ # 10 
    # of universities in World’s Top 100 
    Highest Ranked University  University of Melbourne @ # 35 



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