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United States of America

USA continues to be known as the land of opportunities even today. It is also known that Amerca was built by migrants who dreamed to make a beautiful life in this land. They did, and the dream lives on, as thousands of people from around the globe flock to its fruitful shores every day.

If you too wish to pursue the American dream, there is indeed no stopping you. USA has so much to offer and if you wish to live and work amidst a culture that offers an equal chance to one and all, you are indeed in line towards making the right choice, by choosing one of the many promising cities in USA.

United States of America has a diverse landscape, and you can witness diversities varying from snow capped mountains in Alaska, to a concrete jungles with glittering skylines in New York. Depending on the kind of lifestyle that you wish to achieve and the opportunities that you are eyeing, you indeed have a host of options to choose from.

However, be sure to pick only the right guides and consultants, so that every step of the way is not punctured with challenges.

  • Fact Sheet

    With 50 states from choose from, you can be sure that you will indeed find what your heart yearns for. If you are looking for climate that gives in to your sunny side, then you have Georgia, California and Florida to choose from. If you wish to set up an abode in a town that offers for you to grow professionally, then you should ideally choose between New York and Chicago.

    There are indeed so many lifestyles to choose from, and you should indeed pick among the best of the best based on the opportunity that comes your way.

    Below you can find some information that may help you decide, why United States of America makes for a good choice.

    Affordable Cost of Living

    America is a developed nation and offers a great and affordable cost of living for its patrons, when compared to other developed countries.

    Adventurous Outdoors

    America indeed boasts of the best landscapes, and if you wish to fuel your spirit for adventure, you should indeed think about visiting the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone.

    Can Do Attitude

    The country is optimistic, even amidst an economic crisis, they have the will to fight adversity and come out on top.

  • Facts and Figures

    Area 9,826,675 km²
    Population 312,879,000
    Largest city New York City
    Currency US Dollars (USD$)
    Average annual temperature
    Seattle 8°c
    Chicago 9°c
    Denver 10°c
    Boston 11°c
    Houston 20°c
    Orlando 22°c
    Average Salary (Annual) $44,410 (USD)
    # of cities in Top 50 quality of life survey Honolulu @ # 29
    # of universities in World’s Top 100 51
    Highest Ranked University Harvard @ # 1



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